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 EARTH,  2017  

We didn't listen to the warnings.

We decided to ignore the decline of our bee population,

and now their guardians have arrived.

You must pilot the 1981 Galencia Fighter and restore order.

Before its too late!

50 Action Packed Levels

Asteroid Fields

Challenging Stages

Boss Battles

Ebb and Flow difficulty curve

Siren enemy with Tractor beam for Double Ship Action

Introduction, Launch and Completion sequences

6 Brand new SID tunes, unique to this project

Load, Save and Reset High Scores

Extensive CRT options including 3 levels of Starfield Brightness

Three different Score Palettes

Tournament Mode

Music and Simultaneous Sound Effects or Sound Effects only

Joystick Port 2

F1 on title screen for options menu

SPACE to pause current game

Q to quit current game

Physical Version TBA in the next few weeks

Tournament mode is one life only and no way to earn more

perfect for fast moving Tournaments!

Galencia is now PAL and NTSC compatible

Loading Instructions

LOAD "*",8,1     then type     RUN

Galencia will auto-detect PAL or NTSC

Galencia has been tested on and is supported on real hardware

as well as the Vice emulator




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Published 88 days ago
AuthorJason Aldred
Tags8-bit, c64, commodore, commodore-64, galencia, shmup, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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galencia.d64 V1.4 - NTSC complete (Hotfix) 170 kB

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amazing game!


Thanks Commander copass! It's always great hearing from people enjoying Galencia ;)


The music, oh how I love the music to this game. Overall, you guys did a fantastic job. I'm loving this game! Thank you for keeping the C64 alive!

Great to hear you are enjoying Galencia! There will be another update before the end of the year, this will have all the features of the Physical version, like stats screens and difficulty options. This release will come with a 'Digital Extras' pack free of charge with lots of goodies in there, like PDF of the manual, wallpapers and SID files featuring unreleased music. Stay tuned!


Fantastic game.

It is the first C64 title, which I purchased online.

So much fun. 5 of 5 stars of course. Great work!

Welcome to Galencia Flight Control

You are very welcome Commander!

Thank you for your kind words and review, we all appreciate it.


Oh man, I am really enjoying this game. Thank you and the whole team for creating such an awesome game.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it makes all the team very happy to hear people enjoying Galencia. Watch out for Amy she's a wild one!


This is a splendid wee game. And thanks to the Brexit Effect on the pound, almost as much in Stirling as it is in US currency!

Glad you like it, don't fear the Brexit - I have it on a 50% off sale right now ;)


Amazing game!  It was my reasoning for having a PAL C64 board shipped into the USA.  (and of course because Sam's Journey is expected sooner or later. :)   The game is truly fantastic!  We've already had a challenge night (family birthday gathering) with three of us fighting to out do each other in the score board.   Fun time!

Its such a joy to hear people really enjoying the game! Thank you for allowing  Galencia to be part of your celebrations, hope you saved me some cake ;)

Superb game!!! Absolutely fantastic for a future V1.5 version would be a choosable 2-player-simultan mode in the game-menue. Two players fight together against the aliens at the same time. I think, many people would like such a feature. And go on programming. This game is really good. How about a new Centipede version on the C64? Maybe also with a 2-player-simultan-mode? I could imagine how great this would be. :) Best regards

Really happy to hear you are enjoying Galencia! 2 players together is an interesting option and is worthy of consideration for a future project, it is too much of a change at this late stage of development for this game. Centipede is an interesting option... Hmmmmmmmm

When such a 2-player-simultan-mode is to much change to the existing project, then maybe it would be an idea for "Galencia 2" in the future. :) Simultan-playable games are always the hit when friends came around for a party or something like that. I am glad you like the Centipede idea, because the existing C64-version is not bad, but also not great, when you compare it to the Arcade or NES version. And i think the C64 can handle a version which is equal to the arcade original. Ouh i have alot of ideas for future games, when you need some *lol*. A better "Dig Dug" version for example, would also be cool. The original C64-version is a bit slow and for example the Atari-VCS7800 or NES versions are better. And also here i think a simultan-mode in Dig Dug would be great fun. And last but not least, an idea for a hack. I am sure you know "Bruce Lee", one of the classics and great fun. But can you imagine how much fun it would be, when also the black ninja could be controlled by a player. There are some 4-player-adapters available and a 3-player-simultan-mode, like for example "IK+ Gold" has it, would be a dream in "Bruce Lee". So, maybe after programming a complete game, you have fun to hack an existing game and improving it, then "Bruce Lee" would be a good candidate. :) Thanks for the great Galencia game!

Feature Request:
Let's assume while your last ship the Siren will beam you up. It will be
nice if you can shoot em up while the beaming.
This was possible in Galaga. So please implement this in version 1.4.
Thanks Mor33z from forum64.de.

Hi, I had this feature in originally and it was requested to be removed, let me have a play around with it and see what I can come up with.

It's possible to implement a function to enable/disable this feature via the function keys?


this is feature that could been reimplemened again, eventuelly as a F1 option (player can either disable or enable it). Howover its a cool game and cool use of multiplexed sprites. Just purchased the game.

Welcome aboard Commander Space Fractal, please enjoy your stay!


Good Morning,

just got the Game. Looks great. Have a go later on. Nice to see how fast the Update 1.2 is now available :-) thanks 

Thank you, I hope you enjoy it!


Followed the game since its first 'public' days and I'm really, really glad you completed it in the end. =)

Can't buy it yet, but good games deserve exposure anyway and so Galencia now has a random rotating banner on my retrogaming website www.area21.it .

Congratulations and keep up the good work!


Thank you for your support I appreciate it!

Obviously bought the game as soon as I could and hey, I'm having a hell of a good time with it. =D


I bought the game yesterday. I love Galaga 88. So I love Galencia now.

I'm happy about the fact that you finished the game! 

Me too, it was looking shaky for a while -  but here it is ;)


Great and really enjoyable game, beautiful graphics and music, really like it! I hope a physical version will come out sooner or later!


I'm working on NTSC compatibility and waiting for the artwork to be finished, then I can announce it, really happy you like Galencia, tell your friends about it :)


I will for sure!


Will we be able to get the NTSC version later if we purchase the PAL version now?

hi, yes I will be rolling out the NTSC update free to everyone who purchase's.


Hi! I purchased the game too, I will try it later today and leave my comments! Keep doing it!

Thanks man, enjoy!


Thanks Jay. I have spread the word on forum64.de 

Much appreciated! Hope you enjoy it


Just purchased! Review soon on 8-bit.info - will keep you guys updated. Thanks for creating such an amazing game!

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Looking forward to the review, thank you for buying and showing support for C64 developers!

Don't forget to rate the game here ;)

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Just gave the game a 5 star review ;) it's inevitable for me to support fellow game developers as I'm just in the wake of releasing a C64 game myself http://8-bit.info/hibernated1/ - keep up the good code. Looking forward to future releases :)

Nice, a new text adventure sounds interesting!


Looks great, I've added it to the homepage