V1.3 - NTSC test

Hi guys, this release is the first public NTSC version.

On the disk there are two .PRG files

FOR THE PAL VERSION - load "galpal.prg",8,1 (or load "*",8,1)

FOR THE NTSC VERSION - load "galntsc.prg",8,1

I am still working on the border sprite solution, but the gameplay should be solid and fully playable, let me know of any issues here:


There are also a couple of minor tweaks, requested by Tournament mode players:

Placed a 'T' in highscore table when you highscore in Tournament Mode

When you win a challenging stage in Tournament Mode, you now get a STAR instead of a HEART




galencia.d64 V1.3 - NTSC test included 170 kB
Aug 13, 2017

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